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    ● Don't be a Dick! (Think before you do anything.)
    ● Cheat programs & hacking are not allowed!
    ● The exploitation of bugs & glitches is prohibited.
    ● Insults, racism and bullying of any kind are prohibited and lead to direct exclusion from the server.
    ● The general language of communication with us is German and English.
    ● External advertising is also not permitted.
    ● Support cases require clear evidence (screenshot, video).
    ● Teamlimit are 6 Players
    ● Bases of players will be delete:
    Newbie after 5 days offline
    Beginners after 6 days offline
    Wannabe after 7 days offline Specialist after 8 days offline From omniscient and VIP's per Rank 1 day more until 14 days offline .

    ● Shooting on Drones are not allowed.


    ● Killing players by traps is only allowed within your own base if they have broken into illegally.
    ● Looting of exposed players is allowed.
    ● Killing nakeds without Weapons is prohibited. (Running around naked and killing others to be protected will be punished with a 10 days ban)
    ● After a fight / raid, the player must be allowed to come back to loot his body. #Fairplay
    ● Only loot what you need, don't collect loot lying around in your boxes.
    ● Looting bases in the PVE zone is only allowed if it is open!
    ● The use of ladders and other aids such as helicopters to get to a base is prohibited!
    ● The building of public mining quarrys is prohibited. Violations are destroyed.
    ● Base raiding while temporary PvP Zone in PvE is prohibited. (Patrol Heli Crash, Locked Crate Event)
    ● Zone hopping / zone camping is prohibited and will be punished with a 24 hour PVP zone exclusion for the entire clan.
    ● Spying on PvP zones with CCTV cameras is prohibited and will be punished with a 24 hour PVP zone exclusion for the entire clan.
    ● Per Player are 1 Car allowed, per Group are 2 Cars allowed.
    ● Each player is allowed to set up a maximum of 10 sleeping bags / beds.
    ● Zone camping is prohibited (waiting at the PvP border to kill)
    ● The magnetic excavators must not be removed from the scrap yard. Violations are punished with a ban.
    ● WIPE WEEK RULE: Each player/group may only be raided once per day by the same player/group.(Bearbeitet)

    ● If you are not sure, ask.
    ● Twig bases (first construction stage) are prohibited and will be demolished immediately.
    ● Base building is only permitted within the TC range, you can see the TC range with /showsphere
    ● Setting up unnecessary campfires, tuna lamps and lanterns is prohibited.
    ● It is not allowed to build on the border of PvE / PvP (20 Meter from Border). A house is in either the PvE or PvP zone.
    ● Unnecessarily large bases, compounds, towers and more are prohibited. Build only what you need.
    ● Private mining quarrys do not have to be surrounded by walls, they can be closed using the chat command /ql.
    ● Building traps (turrets or similar) is only permitted within your own base (turrets are not allowed to shoot outside!). SamSites may only stand uncharged on the roof in the PvE area.
    ● Vending machines (shops) must be accessible without endangering the player. (They should not be used as bait for trap bases.)
    ● A trapbase must not consist of an unnecessarily large number of traps (e.g. turrets, shotgun traps and Tesla's).
    ● When moving to a different base, old structures have to be torn down so as not to affect the server performance. (Otherwise it reports to the support, they will report a deletion of the base)
    ● Griefing is not allowed.
    ● High Walls around the Base are only allowed if they are the minimal you need.
    ● Cave bases are not allowed.
    ● Large base borders or island borders must be registered in advance. (Otherwise you will be demolished without warning)
    ● Walls and Co. that are no longer needed after looting have to be destroyed or thrown away. Dont place random Stuff on the map. #Performance

    Disregard of the set of rules will be punished and, if necessary, punished with permanent exclusion. We will adjust the rules regularly if necessary.

    Hallo Ihr Lieben,

    wir haben den 30. Juni somit wurde soeben die Map von uns gewipped. Alle Fortschritte bleiben wie gewohnt bestehen.

    Es wird eine neue Town gebaut sowie die PvP Zone eingerichtet. Sollte euch etwas fehlen oder Ihr bemerkt Bugs, meldet dies bitte.


    Hier siehst du eine Übersicht aller Chatbefehle die du eingeben kannst.

    • /q - zeigt dir alle Quests an.
    • /kit - zeigt die alle Kits an.
    • /s - zeigt dir den Shop.
    • /pm PLAYER MESSAGE - sendet dem Spieler eine private Nachricht
    • /r MESSAGE - antworte auf die letzte private Nachricht
    • /backpack - zeigt dir dein Backpack.
    • /tpr SPIELERNAME - sendet eine Teleportanfrage.
    • /tpa - akzeptiert die Teleportanfrage.
    • /home - zeigt die Homeoptionen.
    • /town - teleportiert die zur Town.
    • /outpost - teleportiert dich zum Aussenposten.
    • /bandit - teleportiert dich zum Banditenlager.
    • /playtime - zeigt deine aktuellen Stunden.
    • /bgrade help - zeigt das Autoupgrade für Basen.
    • /remove - entfernt deine Bauwerke.
    • /ql - setzt einen Codelock an die Quarrymine (Lock muss dabei sein.)
    • /env - zeigt dir das Wettermenü
    • /trade PLAYERNAME - sendet eine Tradeanfrage
    • /trade accept - akzeptiert eine Tradeanfrage
    • /stats - öffnet die Skillübersicht
    • /showsphere - zeigt die TC Reichweite
    • /skin - öffnet das Skinmenü, ab Rang Einsteiger

    Clan Chat Befehle:

    • /clanhelp member - Displays commands for clan members
    • /clan create TAG - Create a new clan
    • /clan join TAG - Join a clan if you have a invite
    • /clan leave - Leave you current clan

    Clan Moderator Commands:

    • /clanhelp moderator - Displays commands for clan owners
    • /clan invite PLAYERNAME - Invite a player to join your clan
    • /clan invite cancel <partialname/ID> - Cancel a pending invite
    • /clan kick PLAYERNAME> - Kick a player from your clan

    Clan Owner Commands:

    • /clanhelp owner - Displays commands for clan owners
    • /clan promote PLAYERNAME - Promote a clan member to clan moderator
    • /clan demote PLAYERNAME - Demote a clan moderator to clan member
    • /clan disband- Disband your clan